XL Router Table Box Joint Jig~


Rockler Woodworking and Hardware’s new box joint jig constructs 12mm and 20mm box joints on the router table, which is a step up in size from the original. The jig allows do-it-yourselfers to use stock timber to make large projects, such as toy boxes, clothing chests and storage trunks with consistently machined finger joints, which are both precisely constructed and decorative in appearance. Making large box joints requires a stable jig that can be tightly secured to the router table, this new box joint jig meets both of those needs. The jig features a steel sled, which holds the workpiece between two sacrificial boards and an MDF base that is secured to the router table with two metal bars that are tightened down in the mitre track with five-star knobs. A large handle on the rear of the jig sled allows the user to easily control the feed rate of the stock.


Contact: Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

Price: £86.74

Tel: (001) 800 279 4441

Web: www.rockler.com



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