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Alan is a highly respected turner who is passionate about trying to help people and passing on his knowledge. Alan comments: “This book is a collection of my writings over a 15 year period for American Woodworker magazine.” The book comprises an excellent technical section covering tools, sharpening, modifying and using them, chucking methods, timber and also finishes. He also includes 25 projects covering all the core aspects of turning, including bowls, plates, a goblet, Christmas ornaments and handles for turning tools, but he also goes into making things such as heirloom awls, where he shows how to make the metal part and also the turned handle. As well as this you can also expect to see projects covering fishing lures, spheres, a three-legged stool and so much more. There are projects here for those just starting out as well as those who are looking to improve their skills.

Alan has a down-to-earth way of writing: he explains things clearly and includes all the information you need to know so you are not left wondering about something important. The photos are clear and concise and, where necessary, feature annotations that label parts and items clearly. The layout is easy to follow and the illustrations are clear and have a nice hand-drawn look, although they are probably computer generated. However they are generated, they complement what is a really nice book.


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