Pestle and Mortar


Monday 9 July 2018

This pestle and mortar was requested by the kitchen commander – my wife Jane!

I did not want to make another round-bottomed bowl so this gave me a problem; how do I make a turned product that is not completely round?

The solution was to leave part of it square. An added bonus was that it would be more stable in the kitchen.

I kept the design simple as too much decoration provides an ideal home for germs and debris. I would also recommend using a tight-grained timber to avoid dirt traps such as sycamore (Acer), fruitwood, maple (Acer campestre) and beech (Fagus).

For the finish, I used vegetable oil as it is durable, it is readily available, and can be easily re-finished when it becomes grubby.

For this project, I chose to use English sycamore (Acer). For the mortar, the timber size was 150mm (6in) x 150mm (6in) x 75mm (3in). For the pestle, I used a piece of timber 150mm (6in) x 25mm (1in).


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