Veritas mitre plane~


When shooting, the side-mounted horn on the Veritas mitre plane lets you push the plane with the web of your thumb, leaving your other hand free to hold the workpiece. The shooting horn can be attached on either side of the plane for right- or left-handed use.

Deep finger grooves in the sides and the front knob provide a secure grip while the rear knob provides a comfortable palm rest for driving the plane forward. The mitre plane’s mass and size are advantages for shooting and creating mitres for larger work such as moldings. By loosening the front knob, the plane’s adjustable mouth can be set to a fine opening; a brass thumbscrew retains mouth settings and prevents the toe from contacting the blade. The Norris-style adjuster extends under the rear knob to allow easy adjustment while staying out of the way. Two blade guide screws prevent lateral blade shifting.


Contact: Lee Valley Tools

Price: £205.26




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