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Anyone that knows me or reads the magazines I edit know that I have an interesting juggling act which results in a hectic but oh so interesting life. I do wonder how I would feel if my life were not so hectic. Would I miss the hubbub or would I find that place of quiet that I seek and find in other activities and family life from time to time? I do not know the answer to that, but what I can say that each day is a new venture and very exciting.

I recently got back from attending the American Association of Woodturing Symposium, held this year in Portland, Oregon.

Snolab by Tim Soutar. Photo © Mark Baker

No matter what turning event I go to there is always a sense of wonder and excitement. That has never left me event after many years working within the industry. Prior to any event of any size, I wonder what wonderful people I will meet, what delightful things I will and what I will learn there.

Maples in Moonlight by Bill Clark. Photo © Mark Baker

The diversity of people present makes for a wonderful melting pot of ideas and experiences, and that everyone is willing to share with each other, is a dynamic that is truly wonderful and so conducive to learning and experiencing new things. Couple this with chance to catch up with friends, see wonderful works created by people, see first-class demonstrations and of course see new tools and equipment, is a potent mix of wonderment.

Madrone vessels by Christian Burchard. Photo © Mark Baker

No matter how big or small such gatherings or meetings are, no matter where they occur in the world, the experience for me remains the same, I am like a kid in a candy store.

Winged Vessel Duo by Alex Olson. Photo © Mark Baker

Next year’s AAW symposium will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina on July 11-14. It will be their 33rd such event. For further information visit:


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Work by Elisha Rubinoff. Photo © Mark Baker


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