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As I travel about seeing various people, items, events and so on, it is evident that there is a lot of activity on the part of people, manufacturers and organisations to develop ideas and to get them done. There is no doubt that there are more clubs than there used to be. There is some debate as to how active turners are as far as time spent at the lathe making things. But other than asking club members of which there are thousands, they do not account for the majority of people who turn. Yes, you heard me. There are many more people turning who do not belong to clubs, than belong to one. The clubs are active and serve a great many people and many of them are thriving and finding new ways of doing things and what to provide. You only have to look at the Woodworks@Daventry occurred on the 11-12th May to see however more clubs are pooling resources and working together to create something greater than that which can be done as individual clubs. Again, as with last year, it was a great event and there was plenty to see. Visit: www.tudor-rose-turners.co.uk to find out more.

But the big question that most people are asking – especially those that have the responsibility of organising events and club meetings – what is it that people really want? Many people want a lot but don’t want to travel, don’t want to pay anything and also don’t want to get involved in helping out and when they do go somewhere they have an opinion on everything. It is right to have an opinion on things, and trust me when I say I have many on various subjects, but please do take part and help shape what happens rather than just being a vocal bystander.

There is much to be gained by taking an active part of a debate, an event, or organisation and so on. Yes it does take time, but in truth most people can find time to do some of the things we want at some stage or other. The simple fact is that ‘the few’ cannot continue to bear the brunt or organising things for ‘the many’ without either help as far as participation and time are concerned or money in order to buy in resources that are required to bring about events. This is a vexing issue and one that has to be addressed at sometime or other so why not sooner rather than later?

Have fun and let me know what you have been up to.



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