The journey to the finished product~


I have been working on some new ideas and let’s just say it has not been plain sailing. They say the journey is more important than the destination, but I do wish – having travelled many proverbial miles in detours and circuitous routes than I care to think about – that I could once in a while get from A to B quickly and in a straight line. That said, had I not had those detours, I would be worse off as a result. I have learned much from them and, as with anything creative, no doubt there is more to come. Solving problems usually triggers a whole range of things to look at, analyse and overcome. Some projects I have tackled felt like being 90% problem and 10% pleasure.

So, this weekend will see me do some decoration, moving things about and a demonstration. I will be busy, there will be some fun, but if I get the not so nice bits out of the way quickly then I can enjoy the fun bits a little bit more.

Let me know what you have been making lately and remember to have some fun.



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