Carved bowls~


I have been working on some carved bowls lately, trying out some tools and I have to say: I have been having a blast. I have been using both hand and power carving techniques and loved every minute of it so far. It gives me the opportunity to try various tools, and to find out how to get the most from them and what they can and cannot do. I love the experimentation that comes with making and using things.

It is rare that something goes to plan the first time. Even professionals make mistakes, but the reality is that due to their experience they tend to make fewer of them and have more escape routes when things go wrong. They have learned these over time and whenever we venture into something new, it is usually an interesting journey to get from the start to finished item. Yes, there will no doubt be frustration, but the joy of reaching the end goal makes all the effort worth it, and of course the bonus is that we have learned a lot along the way.

Mark Baker - hand carving a bowl

Hand and power carving are both fascinating areas to explore. Both are capable of the most delicate of cuts, but depending on what type of power carving one is doing, there can be a lot of noise. Especially when using angle grinders and chips, shavings and dust can be ejected a long way so one needs to wear appropriate personal and respiratory protective equipment and also have a wider clear up after working with such tools. Does this put me off? Absolutely not. I love hand carving, but I also love power carving. Both are equal in my mind and allow me to create what I wish when I want to.

I had a humorous thought the other day as I was hand carving in the early hours of the morning and has this awkward area I was working. I thought to myself, This would be so much easier with power carving, it would have saved me hours of time. But, since it was 2.30 in the morning, I don’t think the neighbours would have been happy with that, and actually neither would my wife. I can only imagine the sharp comments I would have received.

I love carving, but like many, I find that I do not have as much time to carve as I would like. The same can be said for my other hobbies too. The balancing act of work and family commitments and the limited time left is something few solve and truthfully, we do what we can when we can and love every moment of it.

Let me know what you have been carving.

Have fun,



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