Book Review – Routers and Router Tables


Book Review – Routers and Router Tables by American Woodworker

American Woodworker have compiled this comprehensive guide to the most versatile of all power tools. This book will guide you through the different types of routers and what kind to choose for your needs, as well as a multitude of techniques to get the most out of it. There are also projects to create your own router tables, add ons, jigs and router lifts. There's a large section on joining which includes impressive sliding dovetails created on the router table. There's no padding here, all 237 pages are bursting with practical information; Routers and Router Tables would aid any router user.

Simon Frost


ISBN: 978-1-5652-3508-3

Price: £12.99 (plus P&P)

Contact: GMC Publications

Tel: 01273 488 005



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