Book Review – Box-making Basics


Book Review – Box-making Basics By David M. Freedman

David Freedman has produced a book that focuses on simple designs that look at basic joinery techniques such as rebate jointed or mitred boxes. Simple explanations of how to buy, store and prepare timber are given. The basics of how to design boxes using good proportions are beautifully explained and each project teaches the reader a new technique.

This simplicity comes at a price as the author assumes the reader may possess – or have access to – a tablesaw, a jointer, a router table and a drill press. If you have use of all of these machines then making each of the designs will help you to develop your machine skills and get some beautiful end results. But, if you are a hand tool aficionado or totally new to the craft is the book still useful? The designs can be made using only hand tools. It may take longer, you will need more skill and almost as many jigs and fixtures, but it is entirely possible.

Each design is a good project in itself and you will learn something new with each one, whichever route you choose. Bearing in mind the power tool bias of the techniques there are useful lessons to be had.

Paul Mayon


ISBN: 978-1-56158-123-8

Price: £14.99 (plus P&P)

Contact: GMC Publications




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